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Electromotive TecS Standalone ECU

The Electromotive TecS was designed specifically to handle the smaller, high-revving engines

, where space is at a premium and ease of installation is only second to an absolute requirement for unrivaled performance from the Ignition and Fuel Delivery. Making more power per cubic inch or centimeter, these engines will not tolerate spark scatter and dropped ignition events, making Electromotive’s solution virtually mandatory.
Though targeted at smaller engines, the Electromotive Tec S will handle larger jobs as well - able to run 4 cylinder, phased sequential engines. This concept is also a real crowd-pleaser when the wiring and configuration options of the TEC3r become overwhelming or are just not needed.
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Technical Details

With the patented, multiprocessor, high resolution Ignition that Electromotive is famous for as a core, and a new generation of micro-controller to manage integration, the Electromotive Tec S may be slightly smaller, but it is definitely not a light weight when it comes to Engine Management Systems.

The Electromotive TEC-S will run most 1, 2, 3, & 4 cylinder engines in a standard phased-sequential injection scheme. With a cam-sensor, most 1 & 2 cylinders can be run in full sequential mode.

· 4 Stroke - 1, 2, 3 & 4 cyls - Phased or sequential injection for all engines except 8 cylinder
· 2 Stroke - 1, 2 cyls - Sequential or TBI injection for all engines
· Rotary - 1 & 2 Rotor engines - Sequential or TBI injection
· 1 Rotor engines - Sequential or TBI injection
· 2 - Inductive coil drivers (no external drivers required)
· 6 Peak and Hold Injector Channels- Up to 2 low impedance Injectors per channel (Unused channels available as staged injection channels)
· 5 General Purpose Input/Output (GPI/O) Channels - Any two available for PWM, 1 input only, 1 output only, 3 input or output


· 16x16 Fuel and Timing Maps
· Coolant Temperature Based Ignition and Fuel Compensations
· Intake Air Temperature Based Ignition and Fuel Compensations
· EGO (O2 Sensor) Target Tables with Closed Loop Control
· Automatic VE tool built into software (learns fuel map on the fly)
· Hi and Low Impedance Injector Drivers Built In
· MAF and MAP Sensor Support (up to 7 bar)
· Staged Injectors
· Warm-Up Enrichments
· Over Boost Fuel Cut
· 3 Rev Limiters
· Idle Control
· Fuel and Timing Trim by Cylinder
· CAN Bus support to feed external data loggers (AIM MXL, XG Log, DL1, DL2)

Advanced GPO and GPI Features

· Boost Control (when using the MAP feature)
· Nitrous Retard (Multiple Stage Timing Retard)
· Nitrous Retard (Signal to Retard Timing)
· A/C Control
· A/C Load (idle bump)
· Auxiliary Fuel Pump Control
· Fan Thermo Control
· Intake Runner Control
· Custom Controls Based on RPM and Load
· Shift Light
· Valet Switch
· Torque Converter Control
· Timed Advance
· Timed Power Cut (no lift shift)
· Fuel Trim
· Advance Trim
· Speed Input
· Voltage Input
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