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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a race TecM ECU do that a chipped Motronic ECU can’t do just as well?

1 – Unlimited number of software changes at no additional cost. Experiment on the dyno, change cams, intake, fuels, etc.

2- Imagine, when you arrive at the dragstrip you connect your laptop and download a track configuration. Track config changes AFR, timing and boost strategy and reassigns the A/C button on the dash to control the internal data logger. After your run you download the data taken at twenty samples per second. You decide you need to add fuel 7k and raise the MPH at which the boost begins to rise to combat wheelspin.

3 – The AutoVE feature in WinTEC4 can let the ECU fine tune its own fuel table based on AFR targets that you define. Changed cells on the fuel table are color coded to allow you to easily blend the trends you spot into neighboring cells.

4 - CAN Bus output of 28 data channels to popular dashes and loggers. Throttle Position, Target AFR, Actual AFR, Manifold Pressure, Advance, Injector Pulsewidth…

5 – Standard and Euro MAF’s plug and play. If you make enough power you will eventually exceed their ability to meter the additional air you will be flowing. With MAP sensor support a TEC has the ability to control a virtually unlimited amount of Air/HP.

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I have (had/heard of) negative experiences with another Electromotive (Tec3r) based PnP system.

Those stories are of a Tec3r bolted on top of a gutted Motronic case with a messy bundle of wires, designed and supported by a third party. That is not an ‘Electromotive’ product.

TECm is designed and built from scratch by Electromotive as a direct replacement for the Motronic 413/506 ECU. Functions have been written to provide support for specific needs of the application. Vanos control with hysteresis, factory sensors and trigger wheel configuration, A/C management within ECU, ‘no excuses’ idle control, internal 3-wire ICV controller, factory new Bosch 88 pin connector. All has been packaged in a single circuit board that bolts directly into you Motronic case with no alterations. It also is configured using WinTEC4 which is vastly superior to the nearly decade old WinTEC3.

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