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Since 1999, E-Ticket Motorsports has been providing quality race and street car parts. The prinicipals at E-Ticket put emphasis on the customer and the product, the two most important parts of doing business. Please contact us if you have any questions, feedback, or would like to recommend a new prodcut idea.


Electromotive was incorporated in 1981, with the intention of developing and marketing a parallel hybrid electric vehicle system. This would both increase an Engines performance by adding the torque of an electric motor and make the engine more fuel efficient by reclaiming energy when the engine is coasting down.

The Direct Ignition system we all know today as the HPV-1 and HPX, were developed in response to the inadequate ignition control available from OEM and Aftermarket systems. In order to make the hybrid electric system work, more Ignition power and accuracy was needed than was available. The System that sprang from this was granted numerous patents and builds the foundation to Electromotive Products.

The Total Engine Control Product line sprang from the same necessity that created the HPV/HPX Ignition Systems a little later on, with the first retail sale in 1987.

You will notice there are a lot of engine management systems available in the aftermarket, however, there is only one that can claim a state of the art, patented and dedicated Direct Ignition System at the heart of it's design.