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Electromotive Parts
Electromotive TEC-3r Unterminated Harness 6'
Electromotive TEC-3r Unterminated Harness 12'
Electromotive TEC-gt Unterminated Harness 6'
Electromotive TEC-gt Unterminated Harness 12'
Electromotive TEC-3 Unterminated Harness 6'
Electromotive TEC-3 Unterminated Harness 12'
Electromotive TEC Power Harness: 4 fuses, 2 relays (for all TEC-3r and TECgt)
Electromotive 3 wire idle air control valve adaptor
Electromotive 3CM variable valve timing controler (for use with BMW dual vanos and like systems)
CAN Bus cable for TECgt
DB9 Communication Cable
Electromotive 4 Cylinder Direct Fire Unit (DFU)
Electromotive 6 Cylinder Direct Fire Unit (DFU)
Electromotive Single Tower Coil (use with rotory engines, odd-fire engines and coil per plug apps)
Electromotive Universal 1/2" Mag. Sensor Holder
Electromotive 5.00" dia trigger wheel, 60 tooth ( 125mm )
Electromotive 6.00" dia trigger wheel, 60 tooth ( 155mm )
Electromotive 7.25" dia trigger wheel, 60 tooth ( 185mm )
Electromotive 8.25" dia trigger wheel, 60 tooth ( 210mm )
Electromotive 3/8 in. Mag. Sensor, chisel point w/ connector
Electromotive Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, 1 bar
Electromotive Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, 2 bar
Electromotive Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, 3 bar
Electromotive Coolant (CLT) sensor 1/4" NPT
Electromotive Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) sensor 1/4" NPT
Electromotive Knock Sensor
Cable and connector for 1 bar MAP sensor
Cable and connector for 2 & 3 Bar MAP sensors
MAP connector, 1-BAR ONLY
MAP connector, 2 & 3 BAR
CLT cable & connector
MAT cable & connector
Knock Sensor cable & connector
CLT connector
MAT connector
KNK connector
Tec3 Software (WinTEC3)
Tec3r Software (WinTEC4)
TecGT Software (WinTEC4)
TecM Software (WinTEC4)
TEC3 Installation/Calibration Manual
TEC1, TEC2, & HPV-3B Manual
TEC-3 User's Guide
Custom Item/Services

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